Winter Projects

Gone are the days of enjoying a light breeze and 60 degree temperatures. It’s officially winter, and you know what that means – it’s going to get even colder.


But just because you can’t be outside as much doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good time to complete home improvement projects. Checking things off your list before spring could save you time and money. According to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey, 91% of agents believe builders and contractors are busiest in spring and summer and 67% say that building materials and labor for home renovations are cheapest during October and March.


So, with that in mind, here are four affordable projects that make sense to get started on now:


Seal up any cracks around your house. Take a walk around the inside of your house and inspect windows and doors to see if you can feel a draft. Then once it is dark outside, turn the lights on and look for gaps around your windows and doors. Insulating spray foam is very affordable and could end up saving you an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs.


Apply a fresh coat of paint to your rooms or cabinetry. Did you know that manufacturers offer the best deals on paint during the late fall and winter? Plus, professional painters have more bandwidth and there’s less humidity in the air – which means paint adheres better and dries quicker. That’s a win, win, win!


Install a smart thermostat. There are plenty of brand options out there – Google Nest, Emerson Sensi, or Ecobee that use Wi-Fi for their systems. By adding a programmable thermostat in your home – you will make your heat usage more efficient and on-demand.


Update your laundry room. Ah, the room that gets the least amount of love (usually), but it doesn’t have to be that way. A few simple tasks like adding shelves and bins for laundry baskets and detergent can make the space more usable. As an added bonus, appliances usually go back on sale in January!

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