5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your New Home

5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your New Home

Golden leaves and crisp air mean the holiday season is nearly upon us, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends is always rewarding, and the good news is – it’s still completely feasible right after a move. By following these 5 tips, you’ll be ready to welcome loved ones to your new home for a fun-filled and memorable Thanksgiving.

1. Take Inventory

Moving and unpacking is a hectic process, even for the most organized homeowners. All your belongings have been boxed up and shuffled around, so it’s important to take the time to inventory your Thanksgiving stock before the big day. Be sure you know where all of the dishes, cookware, and supplies you’ll need are in your new home. Your pantry will likely have been purged before the move, so check for any spices or must-haves you need to include on your grocery list!

2. Get Cooking (or not!)

Cooking in a new kitchen is always a bit of a learning curve. Unless you happen to have the exact same appliances you had in your old home, settings and temperatures will all be just a tad different. Practicing using your new appliances beforehand is a great idea. If you’re still struggling, consider purchasing some of your dishes, or even your turkey, premade. You can also play it safe by sticking to tried and true recipes you’re already comfortable with. If your friends and family offer to bring dishes and desserts of their own – let them! It makes them feel good to contribute, and it takes some of the pressure off you.

3. Renovate within Reason

It’s natural to want to show your new home off with a houseful of friends and family coming over. That said, try to set reasonable goals for yourself when it comes to any home renovations or updates that you’re trying to accomplish before Thanksgiving. Painting a room the week before is one thing while tearing down walls could result in half-finished results, mess, and a whole lot of stress. Try to prioritize your projects which will have the biggest impact overall. Also, keep in mind that your guests will be spending most of their time in the kitchen, family, and dining spaces on Thanksgiving Day, so these might be the best areas to focus on.

4. Add a Dash of Style

Decorating your brand-new space is one of the best parts of moving! For holiday hosting right after a move, let time and budget be your guide. There are a million beautiful ideas out there, ranging from luxe and lavish to simple and affordable. Even if you haven’t fully decorated your home yet, you can set a festive tone right as guests arrive, with a fresh seasonal wreath and doormat. Add a decked-out dining table to suit your style, and everyone will be in the mood to gather!

5. Feel the Love

Finally, try and relax! Your loved ones are there to spend the day with you, and everything doesn’t have to be perfect (or even close) for everyone to have a great time. Enjoy being thankful and making memories together, and know that everyone appreciates all the effort it takes to host for the holidays – especially after a recent move.


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