Company Licensing and Disclosures

State License Type License Number Disclosure/ DBA
Connecticut Mortgage Lender License ML-71603
Delaware Lender License 2344
DC Mortgage Dual Authority License MLB71603
Florida Mortgage Lender Servicer License MLD1301 DBA: First Home Mortgage Corporation of America
Georgia Mortgage Lender License/Registration 23135
Indiana Indiana-DFI Mortgage Lending License 19074
Kentucky Mortgage Company License MC86000
Maine Supervised Lender License SLM11422
Massachusetts Mortgage Broker License & Mortgage Lender License MC71603 DBA: First Home Mortgage Services

Disclosure: Massachusetts Mortgage Lender and Broker, License #MC71603

Maryland Mortgage Lender License 71603
Michigan 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant FR0022888
2nd Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant SR0019303
New Hampshire Mortgage Banker License 15209-MB DBA: First Home Mortgage Company of Maryland

Disclosure: First Home Mortgage Corporation of Maryland is a d/b/a of First Home Mortgage Corporation in New Hampshire.

New Jersey RMLA-Licensed Mortgage Servicer Registration No license DBA: First Home Mortgage Corporation of America

Disclosure: Licensed by the N.J. Department of Banking and Insurance.

Residential Mortgage Lender License 0903929
North Carolina Mortgage Lender License L-135459 DBA: First Home Mortgage Corporation of America


Mortgage Lender License 25645
Mortgage Servicer License 67083
Rhode Island


Lender License 20092602LL DBA: First Home Mortgage

Disclosure: Rhode Island Licensed Lender and Broker.

Loan Broker License 20102720LB
South Carolina BFI Mortgage Lender/Servicer License MLS – 71603
Tennessee Mortgage License 110354
Vermont Lender License 7056 First Home Mortgage Corporation NMLS ID #71603 (


Virginia Broker License & Lender License MC-424 First Home Mortgage Corporation NMLS ID #71603 (


West Virginia Mortgage Broker License MB-20028
Mortgage Lender License ML-20486

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