The Best Home Technology Featured at CES 2022

What’s better than being a homeowner? Being a smart homeowner! And thanks to CES 2022, we now know about the incredible technology that will soon be available to make your life at home even easier. Here’s a look at our top five favorite items that were featured at the show.*

  • LG is taking cooking appliances to the next level. The company introduced the InstaView Double Oven Range that features InstaView technology – all you have to do is knock on the window glass and the interior oven light will turn on. It also includes a design that makes cooking more efficient by reducing bake times. And this oven can also be used as an air-fryer or in sous vide mode.
  • Programmable motorized blinds by Eve x Coulisse allow you to schedule when your blinds open and close. They include Bluetooth connectivity and Apple HomeKit so you can control them from your device.
  • In 2022, a light bulb is much more than just a source of light. Sengled has announced their new Smart Health Monitoring Bulb that will track your sleep, heart rate, and other biometric measurements including body temperature using radar. The bulb can work alone, or multiple bulbs connected via a Bluetooth mesh network work together to create a virtual map that can help detect human behavior. Camp said it could even determine if someone has fallen.
  • You no longer have to worry about cleaning and emptying your robot vacuum. The new Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra features a scrubbing feature plus an automatic mop-lift that raises the pad when going over the carpet. Its compatible Empty Wash Fill dock can also wash the mopping cloth and refill the tank with water, as well as empty the vacuum and clean the dock. Sign us up!
  • And last but not least, Kohler has done it again. If taking a bath at the end of the day sounds like a dream come true, you’re going to want to continue reading about their two new products. First up, the Stillness freestanding bath features light, fog, and aromas to help relax the mind. Kohler also introduced their PerfectFill technology that includes a built-in voice assistant to control how your bathtub fills, heats, and drains.

*First Home Mortgage was not incentivized in any way by the company’s and products mentioned in this blog post

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